120 thoughts on “MOH to open 2022/2023 nursing online admission portal

  1. Please I have tried opening the nursing site but the network is not stable. What should I do

  2. I think it is a general problem when I enter my pin and serial number it comes but I don’t see the schools

  3. I think it is a general problem when I enter my pin and serial number it comes but I don’t see the schools and it goes back again

      1. Please l have also tried mine but it’s not working ,l wanted to know the actual time we will be called for interview.

      1. So then why wasn’t the maintenance done earlier before the forms were released because we are very disturbed about this

  4. Please how many days will the maintenance take? because it’s been a while now and it’s still not opening

    1. Please try submitting your application at dawn. The site is still under maintenance.

  5. Please l have lost my unique pin code and serial number that was given to me at the bank please how do I get it back l haven’t yet gone to fill it

  6. Pls have apply and gotten a message saying it was successful submitted but I went to the site to check on the students portal but it can’t open

  7. Same site is not opening and even when it does then it goes back… What are we to do about this problem?

  8. Please when will the application portal open cos I’ve been trying since yesterday but still to no avail. I have gotten my pin and serial number though.

  9. Please I only where to submit it and I submit it and got a message but now I’m finding it difficult to locate the forms and print it out

  10. Please MOH sit up. Applicants can’t access your sites to apply to health training colleges. The maintenance is taking too long a time. Prospective applicants and their parents are in a pendulum state. Minister of health and associates, please wake up. Applicants have bought vouchers but can’t apply.

  11. Please has gone but no message and the when I checked my it they say not found why ,time too is running up

  12. Why is the portal still under maintenance? Please they should do something about it.I’ve tried since dawn but still

  13. Please do something about it because we all used money to buy it .it is not any money buh it is money so please MOH should sit up and do this thing for us

  14. Please I received the message but it has been deleted from my phone please is the pin the same as the one on the forms?

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