48 thoughts on “MoE announces CSSPS website for checking 2021 SHS placement

  1. Management of ministry of education aren’t serious at all…. why do u keep people in suspense or make them waste their time on something u guys know isn’t ready after all the delays….

  2. Hmmm, this is a technology and it has its own technicalities. let’s have some patience and relax. it will surely be out soon. Anxious for my kids though.

  3. In this age with technology, I wonder what’s keeping them. They will later leave parents and kids running helter-skelter hmmm

  4. Upon all the delays I know u people are bringing something good to support the children. We appreciate ur wok and we will be waiting for u to open the portal

  5. Pls bibinii stop telling lies wai u won’t get anything from it. We are just wasting our bundle hmmmm

  6. Just want to know how aggregate 10 will not get admission to Wesley Girls Cape Coast (for arts program) from your computer placement system.
    To add salt to injury,your system failed to place the candidate in a second choice school (Ghana National). How can this be possible? Are we to believe that all candidates admitted to Wesley Girls and Ghana National were all admitted with aggregate 9 and better? That’s the logic of the situation as at now.
    Can MoE and GES stand the test of interrogation of their computer placement system?
    I am a sad grand father delving into the efficiency of your system.
    By the way, is it possible to have access to the admission lists of schools like Wesley Girls, holy child, Aburi, Presec Accra, St Augustine, Prempeh and Opoku ware for scrutiny; or must a court permit be obtained before such a request is granted?

  7. Please I had agg 14 I’m offering science and I had my fourth choice spaco .I want to know how that’s possible

  8. Hmm like for real are this people serious i had the same grade with someone but the person had his 2nd choice and i had my 3rd choice

  9. Pls is the any reason why the public school candidates have their first and second choices but private school candidates have their fourth or last choice because it feels unfair .

  10. Pls when will the placement for those who wrote the BECE in 2019 be out because the portal is saying the “index number entered cannot be found” when I entered the index number with the year 19

  11. Please after, after I made the payment to check the placement the network go down. After that they are asking me to pay again whiles I am having the code. Why?

  12. I got 20 and I checked second time I got 30 please why .if so please give me replacement at Accra technical training center.

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