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Who is Marquis McCloud, Anastasia Gilley Boyfriend?

Anastasia Gilley, a pregnant teenager from Florida, was tragically found dead in Alabama, and her boyfriend, Marquis McCloud, who has a history of violence and a previous rape conviction, has been charged with her kidnapping and murder. This article delves into the details of the case and provides insights into Marquis McCloud’s background.

Discovery of Anastasia Gilley’s Tragic Fate


The lifeless body of Anastasia Gilley, four months pregnant, was discovered in Headland, Alabama, leading to a heartbreaking revelation of her untimely demise. The authorities swiftly identified Marquis McCloud, her convicted boyfriend, as the prime suspect in her abduction and murder.

Marquis McCloud’s Troubled History

Marquis McCloud, known to law enforcement for his violent past, including a rape conviction, had been in police custody for unrelated charges during the intense search for Anastasia Gilley. Despite being detained, McCloud remained uncooperative, impeding the investigation into Gilley’s disappearance.

Legal Consequences and Additional Charges

While Marquis McCloud was initially apprehended for a probation violation, the discovery of Anastasia Gilley’s body prompted investigators to charge him with additional counts related to her kidnapping and murder. McCloud’s criminal record includes offenses such as robbery, assault, terrorist threats, and violating sex offender restrictions, in addition to his rape conviction.

Age and Background of Marquis McCloud

Marquis McCloud is currently 33 years old. During the missing person’s investigation, authorities arrested McCloud for violating parole by traveling to Florida from Houston County, Alabama. Law enforcement officials established that McCloud and Gilley had maintained communication following his arrest, raising suspicions about his involvement in her abduction.

McCloud’s History of Violence

Court documents reveal a troubling pattern in Marquis McCloud’s criminal history. In 2010, he was convicted of rape and served an eight-year prison sentence. He faced additional charges of rape in Quitman County, Georgia, in 2015, and again in 2017, although the latter case was dismissed by a grand jury. McCloud has also faced charges related to aggravated violence, sex offender registration violations, making terrorist threats, robbery, and criminal mischief.

McCloud’s Criminal Journey

Marquis McCloud’s involvement in criminal activities can be traced back to his early years. As a teenager in 2008, he encountered legal trouble, setting the stage for a series of subsequent offenses that have led to his current predicament.

The tragic death of Anastasia Gilley and the subsequent arrest of her boyfriend, Marquis McCloud, have shaken the community. As the investigation unfolds and the legal process takes its course, authorities will strive to ensure justice for Anastasia Gilley and her unborn child.

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