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Aric Hutchinson Family: Meet His Mother Annette Hutchinson And Father

On what should have been the happiest day of their lives, tragedy struck Aric Hutchinson and his late bride, Samantha “Sam” Hutchinson. This article delves into the devastating incident that occurred on their wedding night and provides updates on Aric’s condition.


Additionally, it sheds light on Aric Hutchinson’s family, including his mother, Annette Hutchinson. The devastating accident on Aric Hutchinson’s wedding night left him grieving the loss of his beloved bride, Samantha “Sam” Hutchinson. As Aric continues his physical recovery, he must confront the unimaginable task of planning Sam’s funeral.

The Tragic Accident

On April 28, 2023, a speeding vehicle collided with the golf cart carrying the newly married couple as they were leaving their wedding reception. Sadly, Sam Hutchinson lost her life in the accident, while Aric Hutchinson sustained severe injuries. Three other individuals on the cart were also seriously hurt. The incident captured significant public attention and raised concerns about road safety.

Aric Hutchinson and bride Samantha Miller dance video moments before Tragic crash

VIDEO: Aric Hutchinson and bride Samantha Miller dance video moments before Tragic crash

Aric Hutchinson’s Family

Meet His Mother, Annette Hutchinson

Aric Hutchinson’s mother, Annette Hutchinson, took the initiative to organize a fundraiser and launched a GoFundMe page to cover the funeral expenses for Sam and the medical expenses for Aric. Annette regularly updates the page with information about her son’s condition and expresses gratitude for the support received.

Aric Hutchinson’s Family

Aric’s mother, Annette, disclosed that he is currently recovering at home. The family mourns the loss of Sam and misses her immensely. The Hutchinson family resides in South Carolina, where the incident took place. While Annette’s profession remains undisclosed, her dedication to her son’s well-being and the memory of Sam is evident.

Aric Hutchinson’s Condition

Aric Hutchinson, physically recovering at home, is trying to come to terms with the heartbreaking loss of his beloved bride on their wedding night. Annette Hutchinson updates concerned individuals on his progress through the GoFundMe page. Aric, along with Sam’s family, is now faced with the difficult task of planning her funeral, a painful responsibility no one should endure.

The Driver’s Charges

The driver of the car, Jamie Komoroski, was charged in relation to the tragic incident. Reports indicate that Komoroski was driving under the influence, with a blood alcohol level of 0.261, three times the legal limit. Authorities noted that she was unsteady during a sobriety test and allegedly claimed innocence despite evidence to the contrary. Komoroski faces charges of reckless murder and felony DUI causing grave bodily harm.

The driver responsible for the accident faces serious charges, shedding light on the importance of responsible driving and the consequences of driving under the influence. The Hutchinson family, especially Aric’s mother, Annette, has been a pillar of strength, organizing fundraisers and supporting Aric through his difficult journey.

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