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Millikan writes why the Ghanaian teacher is “stupid”

The solution to the woes of the Ghanaian teacher lies under his toes. Teachers always feel relegated to the background by the government over the years.


A look at the teaching profession from 2012 to date clearly shows that the teacher folk has a bunch of “blockheaded” individuals who think from their stomach at the realm of their affairs.

The teacher elected a “criminal” as his mouth piece who takes his money for no work done and preside over his theft.

Why will a teacher who pays dues to his mother association not be paid for several months, yet the mother association who claims to be its voice remains silent?

Why will a teacher who completed a course of study for a couple of years not be upgraded, yet they claim to work on the teacher’s interest?

Why will a hard-working teacher take on additional responsibility and yet receive no pay?

Why will workers in other sectors be given car maintenance allowance and not the teacher, yet they use our money to print a so-called condition of service manual for us.

Why is the teaching front divided, if not for their stomach? The silence of the teacher will bring up more stomach brain teachers to preside over our theft. GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT etc. are not out of the blue but a masterminded thievery by some smart teaching folks

if care is not taken, a lot of this “Scam” will evade the teaching profession and make the teacher redundant, When I check my NAGRATFUND status on legacy arrears; it tells me congratulations you have been validated, you will be paid soon. Are our Union heads that dumb on time value for money?

Why will they be mute when the GES is deliberately preventing their members from being upgraded. Why are they mute when the GES refuses to pay members their responsibility allowance.

For those of us whose salaries are in arrears, we ask of the “stupid teacher” in charge to please look at the current emolument of the legislature, executive and the judiciary whose salaries will never be in arrears yet chastises us for the little we always ask for.

Please let us receive what is due us. For the “stupid teacher”, the time is rife for a strike action.

This is the time to show the government how important we are. But in the wake of showing the GoG what we stand for, my deepest fear is, will our so-called union leaders who only go on strike when they know they will get “Tsobo” hid to this call.

The fact that any few smart teachers use their colleagues us “cash cows” calls for teachers to take a second look at teacher Unionism.

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In my opinion, the teacher unions should be under one umbrella where the leadership of the unions can be checked by smaller pressure groups from within. It is time they merge (Ghana Teachers Union). It is time for the teacher to rise against his own (“the stupid teacher”).

Source: Educationweb.com.gh

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