So what are JHS teachers teaching? old curriculum, new or nothing?

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The Executive Director of Africa Education Watch, Mr Kofi Asare after the government through NaCCA, introduced a new curriculum without textbooks has quizzed what JHS teachers might be teaching in classrooms.

According to him, the rush of the implementation of the new curriculum by the Ministry of Education is the prime cause of the absence of textbooks.

“It’s two years since the new, beautiful standard-based curriculum for primary was rolled out; yet, our public school teachers have no textbooks. On the flip side, private schools have bought textbooks for their teachers.”

The Economist in a social media post sighted by said the absence of textbooks and challenges have overshadowed the beautiful content and strategy of the new standard-based curriculum for schools.

Majority of public school teachers responding to Mr Kofi Asare’s question “So what are JHS teachers teaching? old curriculum, new or nothing?” on social media said they are teaching the old curriculum.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has also said it’s unfortunate that 2 years after introducing the new curriculum, teachers are yet to be given the prescribed textbooks to facilitate teaching and learning.

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NaCCA reviewed the old school curriculum to shift the structure and content of Ghana’s education system from passing examinations to building character, natural values and making students think critically.