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Teachers should teach in our national language – Gyetuah

Mr Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah, the Executive Director of Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) has suggested for the Ministry of Education to permit national language to be used as a teaching language in schools.


Speaking to The Ghanaian Times newspaper, the Private Schools Council Director said teachers using the Ghanaian language during instructional hours will help improve the understanding of prospective students in the country.

“There is also the need for us to have our own national language which will be used as an instructional language for the delivery of our education. it is just a matter of looking at which language has more vocabulary,” he told Times.

Commenting on the new curriculum, the Educationist said the content-based, instructional and assessment system failed to equip students with the skills needed to solve societal needs thus the need to embrace the latest curriculum.

Describing the old curriculum as a ‘chew and poor’ system that focused on only content assessment, Kwasi Enoch said it forced most educational institutions to provide students with rote learning in order to be seen as a reputable one.

Gyetuah indicated the West African Examinations Council should be blamed for not developing an assessment system that will not only assess students on content intelligence but also on skills, production and behavioural intelligence.

He told the newspaper the desire to reform the education system to achieve industrial players will not surface if the Examination Council do not establish an assessment unit that would ensure the total development of students.

Asked how his outfit is managing with the rollout of a new curriculum without textbooks, the Private Schools Director said the situation is worrying but added that teaching and learning should not be focused only on textbooks.

 “It is very disturbing for schools not to have available textbooks to facilitate teaching and learning. However, textbooks should not be the focus of our discussion as a country now because the textbooks that we have been using for ages has still not been able to solve the societal challenges that we have,” he said.

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