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Govt laptops: Give teachers non-expiry data bundle – AEW tells MoE

Africa Education Watch (EduWatch) following the procurement of laptops for teachers has asked the Ministry of Education to negotiate a non-expiry data bundle with the various telecommunication networks on behalf of teachers.


Mr Kofi Asare, the Executive Director of the Watch in a post sighted by EducationWeb.com.gh said the Education Ministry should arrange for teachers to for instance receive a non-transferable 2GB monthly data for a max of GH¢10.

“The MoE should negotiate a non-expiring discounted data plan at a pre-tax rate. Teachers can receive for example a non-transferable 2 GB monthly data for max GH¢10 instead of spending twice that amount for 2 GB expiring data

The laptops are a good initiative to support the digitization of teaching and its management, especially after some teachers having received capacity building in the use of GES’ Edmodo Virtual Learning Management System to teach.”

Commenting on the 30% and 70% payment plan of the Teachers Mate 1 laptop, the Director of the Education Think Tank stated the government absorbing the full cost of the computers would have been a step in the right direction.

“Teachers pay 30%; MoE pays 70%. Looks like a win-win, but would have been great to have the employer pay 100% since the Labour Law mandates the employer to provide working tools for an employee to deliver,” Mr Asare noted.

Meanwhile, the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) has said teachers who are not interested in the high-quality laptops essentially procured by the central government to improve teaching and learning can quit teaching.

CCT comment comes after some public school teachers yet to receive the government Teachers Mate 1 laptops described the computers the Ghana Education Service has said are of high quality and global brand as toys.

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“We are not threatening the teachers but the fact is we the Unions negotiated for the laptops to help in teaching so if you don’t want the resource then you can stop teaching or go somewhere else,” the Coalition told teachers.

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