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Until teachers get higher base pay, stop collecting dues – GNAT told

A concerned teacher after the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) proposed a 15% base pay for 2021/2022 but was given 4% for 2021 and 7% for 2022 has asked the GNAT to stop collecting dues from members.


The teacher identified as Que Fangbo in a post sighted by EducationWeb.com.gh said the teachers’ dues should be suspended until the leadership of GNAT gets teachers a higher percentage base pay than the article 71 holders.

“Therefore, I request that CAGD should not deduct any GNAT dues for August 2021 and others until GNAT leadership can get us a higher percentage than the article 71 holders whom the teacher taught,” he stated in the post.

According to him, all the article 71 holders including Members of Parliament are the products of the teacher and as such they must not earn more salary or allowances than teachers who made them what they are today.

“We didn’t become Teachers to be billionaires, but we should also be able to have a good purchasing power such that we can also feed our families and pay the bills which the article 71 holders don’t pay,” Mr Fangbo added.

But the Accountant of the GNAT, Isaac Nii baah has said GNAT accepted the 4% and 7% base pay increments because the government threatened not to employ graduate teachers for two years if they go beyond the 4% increment.

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“We the Association of Teachers proposed 15% increment for 2021 and 2022 but the government made it clear to us that if we go beyond the 4%, Colleges of Education graduates will not be employed for 2 years,” he stated.

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  1. Yes the should stop the dues. The leaders must be change they can’t be selling gant all the time for own benefics.once they can’t do the work let get them out of office. Thank you.

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