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Is teacher transfer now a punishment? Peter asks

A teacher identified as Mr. Peter Pablo in Tepa, Ahafo-Ano district in an email to EducationWeb has asked if teacher transfer is now a punishment and since when did welfare become compulsory for workers?.


Mr. Peter’s question comes after the current Education Director allegedly threatened to transfer teachers in Tepa, Ahafo-Ano district who refuse to join welfare. A decisive majority of the teachers have opposed.

According to him, the Education Director emphasized at a meeting that it was compulsory for teachers in the District to be in the welfare adding that he will release or transfer those who refuse from the district.

Peter noted that most of the teachers in the district don’t want to be part of the welfare because of an unfortunate incident that occurred where an amount of over 20,000 cedis was embezzled from the welfares account.

“Teachers in the district do not want to experience a repeated version of this, hence their decision,” the teacher said in the email statement.

“The Director has launched a fresh attack on some schools in the district, and has said in a closed meeting that he has plans to transfer some teachers who are on his list out from the district

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Ever since the Director assumed office in 2020, he has been constantly threatening and intimidating the teachers in the District,” he stated.

Source: Educationweb.com.gh

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