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Flooding is affecting school children learning – Gyetuah

Mr Enoch Gyetuah, the Executive Director of the Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) following the recurrence of flooding in some parts of the country has said the situation is affecting students’ academic performance.


Speaking to the media, he said if not for sickness, travelling or financial constraints, flooding is one of the major reasons some school children are forced to stay away from school as no parent would like to lose a child to flood.

Flooding is affecting school children’s learning. There are some regions in Ghana which require school children to stay home for some number of days because, after a heavy downpour, the school buildings are not safe for students

While some students are home, others are busily continuing with their studies. At the end of the day, the same questions will be set for all,” the National Executive Director of the Private Schools Council told journalists.

Kwasi Gyetuah continued that “most of our children complete school with bad results and we turn to blame teachers? Have we asked ourselves the number of days our children stayed home because of flooding in their schools?”

Describing the unfortunate situation as worrisome, Obengfo Enoch said prospective students at the end of the day are affected academically since they were unable to attend classes amid heavy downpours causing an overflow.

“We have structured our syllabus with the number of weeks we have so if students are not able to go to school because the whole place is flooded due to rainfall, then it affects the academic performance of the child because the final examination is written by all regardless of you been able to complete your syllabus or not,” he noted.

The GNACOPS Director, hence, has appealed to the Director-General of NADMO, Mr Eric Nana Agyeman Prempeh to help curb this flood situation by putting measures such as fining anyone caught dumping refuse into gutters.

As part of effective measures to curb cases of flooding, particularly in the Greater Accra Region, Obengfo Gyetuah has urged the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to give much attention to the issuing of permits to people who want to build.

“Flooding affects us as a nation and most especially our school children, and it goes beyond what we are seeing. Therefore the government should also do everything in its power to help resolve this issue permanently,” he stated.

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