Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

1 thought on “Accept wearing of Hijab just like dreadlocks in public SHS – Sanda to GES

  1. Our female Muslim students are not only prevented from wearing the Hijab but also forced to partake in their Church services and as well as we the Muslim male students in the Senior High schools across the nation. The schooling environment Harbours students from different cultures, religious homes, and tribes and in this regard, they represent the larger societies they are all coming from.

    I completed an Islamic senior High school some years ago and I couldn’t remember the last time we forced any Christian student to partake in any of our Islamic activity(S). This is because the Quran frowns upon it and God simply warned us that, there is no compulsion in religion and under no circumstance(S) should we Muslims force any non Muslim to perform any Islamic activity without the fellow’s consent.

    Let not the dominant religion in an area impose any of their religious beliefs and activities on the minor religions.

    What of the Christians who also live in the Muslim dominated Countries especially in the Middle East, if they should also be forced to

    (a) pay zakat
    (b) pray five times daily
    (c) fast in the month of Ramadan
    (D) should be forced to read the Quran.

    In the practical sense of these claims, they wouldn’t find life comfortable out there as they might seem it to be.

    Let’s not force any one to compromise anything that have to do with his or her way of life but also taking into consideration the rules and regulations governing such organizations or institutions.

    With these, I think the world would be a nice place to live in.

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