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Computerized school placement must be abolished – Prof

Prof. Philip Ebow Bondzi-Simpson, describing the computerized school placement system process as unfair has called on the Ministry of Education to cancel the auto and self-placement mode of posting students to Senior High schools.


Speaking at the Mfantsipim Stakeholders Forum in Cape Coast, the Professor suggested heads of public second cycle schools should be allowed to admit students into their schools just like done at the basic and tertiary levels.

Mr Ebow in his address said that the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) is destroying the traditions of schools and hurting them, thus the need for the Education Ministry to review the school initiative.

“The system put in place to admit the students should take into account old boys/girls of the schools, children of staff, a consideration of the members of the church and a small amount of protocol,” he told stakeholders at the Forum.

He stressed that the computerized school placement is destroying the traditions of the school saying that “apart from the human interferences in the process that are putting many stakeholders of the school at a greater disadvantage.”

But, Professor Kofi Agyekum reacting to Prof. Philip Ebow Bondzi-Simpson’s call for the cancellation of the CSSPS has said the computerised system for placing BECE graduates into Senior High/Technical Schools is good and not unfair.

He admitted the school placement system has challenges that need to be looked but also said it has made it easy for prospective Junior High School (JHS) graduates to be placed into their choice of secondary schools in the country.

“CSSPS has made it “easy for parents and students in the choice of schools. It’s also reduced the pressure that used to mount on Heads of the SHSs and people of influence to place students in their suitable schools,” Prof Agyekum stated.

Describing the CSSPS as the best option for placement of students into various public Senior High Schools, Mr Opanyin Agyekum urged parents to stop compelling their wards to attend the so-called Category A or top schools.

“Sop compelling your children to attend schools they attended or see the schools with big names as the only good schools. They are placed in a different school based on their performance,” the Professor told Ghanaian parents.

6 thoughts on “Computerized school placement must be abolished – Prof”

  1. The CSSPS is 100% unfair!!

    The CSSPS is 83% hurting brilliant students!!

    The CSSPS is 99.4% placing students into wrong schools!!

    The CSSPS Self Placement is 140% most unfair!!
    (A student will miss Education SHS with aggregates 24, another student will get the same school as Self Placement with aggregates 30.)

    GES/MoE should abolish unfair CSSPS!!

  2. The CSSPS is 100% unfair!!!

    A student miss;
    1. Swedru Senior High School
    2. Asin Manso Senior High School
    3. Obrachire Senior High Technical School with AGGREATES 30.

    Another student get Swedru Senior High School as Self Placement with AGGREGATES 37.

    Another student also get Obrachire Senior High Technical School (Boarding) as Self Placement with AGGREGATES 49.

    To be sincere the CSSPS is not fair!!!!!


    A student I know miss Swedru SHS- Visual Arts- Day with aggregates 30

    Another student get the same school as Self Placement with aggregates 37, Day and offering Business.

    How is this possible??

  4. Up to today I got 08 but I haven’t been placed in any of my choice and this is not only me, my classmates are also facing this problem why have we done something bad please we need a reply.

  5. There is human interference in the placement, creating avenues for those there to extort money from parents before placing their wards. You would be shocked at the amount parents are paying for protocol placement.
    This is a scam

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