Complete Guide On How To Register For SAT Exams In Ghana

SAT Exams

SAT is a type of examination written by High School students (SHS) to show how readiness they are to attend a University of their choice in the United States or get a scholarship.

SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) manages the SAT at different locations across the country. It is formed, published, and marked by the College Board.

Is today your first time hearing about SAT in Ghana? In this post, we share every detail of SAT, how to register, prepared tips for your SAT exams, and various SAT centers in Ghana. So read on!

Ghana SAT Registration Fees for 2021-2022

The new SAT registration for the Exams is $98, which, when converted to cedis, is around GH593.72. The $98 fee contains the main SAT fee of $55 and the Africa Sub Saharan fee of $43.

In Ghana, the cost of SAT Classes/Tuition/Lessons only service is GH¢600, and you pick a form at GH¢100. The amount paid for lessons covers Classes/tuition/ lessons, study materials, practice tests, counseling, and advising, according to

How To Prepare For SAT Exams

Not only in Ghana, but millions of students worldwide take the SAT each year as a step on their way to their dream college or getting any scholarship opportunity.

If you’re about to graduate from Senior High School, you’re seemingly very excited about having a perfect SAT score and enrolling at your dream college.

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The only way to get high scores for your SAT is to prepare hard for it. You may ask, what is the best way to prepare for my SAT exams? How do I practice? Should I go for a Private Tutor? 

The questions can be on and on. However, the best advice has for you in this post is recapitulated in the steps below. Learn how to prepare for your SAT exams by following our simple tips.

Tip #1: Start Reading More Outside Of Class.

As you’re ready to take your first SAT, it would be best if you start reading a lot. During the SAT, you’ll have five long passages one after another in just one hour. The reading part of SAT is what makes it difficult for many people.

However, to catch up with things more straightforward, start reading many nonfiction books as a preparation for the SAT. Most of the passages you’ll read will be nonfiction.

Don’t focus on your core or elective subjects alone. You have to be a generalist. Because you’re preparing for SAT, let your reading be universal. Start reading magazines or newspapers you come across to set your brain up for any nonfiction passages.

Tip #2: Work More On Your Mental Maths

Mental maths means working maths without the use of a calculator. The reason is that the third and fourth sections of the whole SAT exam focus on math. The third section of the test is the first section headed, “Math Test—No Calculator.”

And in that part, no calculator is allowed. So what will you do then? Sit down and chew your pen as we usually do in class two? NO! Then start working hard on your mental maths to get a high SAT math score.

Tip #3: Find Out And Work On Your Weaknesses

We’re not here to scare you of the SAT, but you have to analyze your weakness and work on it. As for me, maths was my only problem when I was in Senior High School.

My weakness wasn’t the difficulty of the subject, but my lack of working maths. I took maths as a reading subject instead of working and practicing more. So you, too, get to know where your weakness lies.

If you’re not sure whether you have any weaknesses or not, I advise you to take this diagnostic test to see which areas you need to work on when preparing for the SAT.

5 Best SAT Books in ghana

Getting high SAT scores requires dedication, practicing, a lot of studying. However, using some of the best SAT preparation books listed below, you can develop productive test-taking strategies and be familiarized with the types of SAT questions.

Although these books are not a magic bullet for all SAT answers, they will throw light on what you’re about to face. Below are the names of the best SAT books in Ghana:

  1. PWN The SAT: Math Guide
  2. Princeton Review: SAT Premium Prep, 2022
  3. Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy
  4. SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published
  5. The Official SAT Study Guide 2020

SAT Test Centers In Accra

⮚American Intl School – Accra
Address: 1 Jungle Road, East Legon, Accra, Ghana
Center Code: 77610

⮚Association International School
Address: 6 Patrice Lumumba Road, Accra, Ghana
Center Code: 77606

⮚ Lincoln Community School
Address: #126/21 Reindolf Road, Accra, Ghana
Center Code: 77608

SAT Test centers in kumasi

⮚ International Community School (ICS)
Address: Pakyi No. 1 Off Kumasi Obuasi Road, Kumasi, Ghana
Center Code: 77648

How To Register For SAT In Ghana

The SAT is taken on any of the first Saturdays of October, December, March, and June.

Interested and aspiring candidates can either register for SAT online or by mail. Online registration can be done at the College Board website. Visit to create your account.

However, if you want to do the mail registration, you have to get the SAT registration booklet from your high school counselor. The booklet contains the registration form, envelop and instructs you on how to register for SAT properly.

For more information about registering for SAT, visit the College Board official website at Visit to learn more.