62 thoughts on “How to retrieve lost 2021 BECE result checker serial and pin

  1. I paid through momo. The PIN and Serial numbers were sent to me but when I entered them, the feedback has always been INVALID PIN.

  2. I bought a pin code from MTN ( Serial number WGR200611073
    PIN CODE 477907232204
    index number 0060202172 and you commend that the serial number and the pin code are wrong why?

    1. Why will you send a serial number and a pin that I used and you will be telling me is wrong….work on your system if they are selling fake serial and pin to us and refund us with immediate effect if you can’t correct it

  3. Bought a checker using mtn and lost the pin and the serial number have been following every steps to retrieve the pin but there is no respond I was given a number to call for assistance but no one is answering why

  4. Hello
    Pls I am done with the process my money was deducted but i haven’t received my serial number and pin
    Pls what should I do again

  5. I have followed the procedures and made payment to check someone results results but they said wrong serial number
    What is the next step

        1. Antwi, sorry for the delay but be rest assured WAEC will definitely send the serial and pin.

  6. I bought my serial and pin but when I computed everything, it was pin and serial didn’t match..check my results and send them to me

    1. Sorry for the delay Dawda, we have forwarded your concerns about the serial and pin to WAEC

  7. I bought my results, checkers, yesterday and I have not received my pin and serial number. 0206246123 or 0246677106

    1. The Examinations Council is working on it Dayaan, expect your serial and pin in due course.

  8. I bought the checker yesterday, I have not received the pin and serial number uptime now meanwhile the money has been deducted. I tried to recover SMS but till now it hasn’t come. Please save the situation immediately. Patience is running out

  9. I paid the money for the pin to check for the bece results with my Momo and have not received it till now. You go to the recover link and is still not coming, why?

  10. I bought the pin since yesterday but haven’t received it since. Come yo my aid quickly. Patience is running out.

  11. I bought the pin on Monday till now I haven’t received the message. I tried recovering it from the website still is not coming. WHY

  12. I bought the pin on Wednesday 2nd, till now I haven’t received the message. I tried recovering it from the *944# calling MTN help centre still the service is invalid and message up now, when I tried other options like *447*160# the service is asking me to enter transaction ID wish I don’t have. still waiting for the PIN

  13. please why do we use our own money to pay the pin to check our children result. and you have taken the money but no pin please do something else.

  14. I misplaced my WAEC result and the WAEC card,please do i still have hope on retriving them back,because am scared

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