Convert CWA to GPA in 4 minutes with WES iGPA Calculator

The GPA which stands for Grade Point Average is an academic tool to measure the academic performance of a students specifically at higher level of education such University and Training Colleges.

A students GPA Score plays a role in ones academic progression because it determines Scholarship eligibility and admission to a post graduate studies (Masters or PhD).

WES tool for CWA to GPA Conversion

Graduates applying to schools overseas for admission to Undergraduate or Postgraduate Studies can utilize the WES iGPA Calculator. Following the online WES examination, you will receive an email with your computed GPA on a 4.0 scale or ECTS.

Follow the guide below by on how to convert your CWA to GPA in a just four minutes.

  1. Via a browser, Go to
  2. You will be directed to the WES iGPA Calculator Website
  3. Click on the Start button
  4. Please enter your contact information so that WES can email you the results of your equivalency.
  5. Click on the Continue button after filling the form
  6. Enter your Degree Name, Institution Name and Select Country of Education for Ghana choose United Kingdom
  7. Accept Terms and Conditions, Click Continue
  8. At next stage, Enter your Name, Credit and Grade
  9. Click Add Course to add more courses
  10. Click on the Calculate GPA to calculate your GPA or find a scholarship