19 thoughts on “WAEC apologises over WASSCE result checking portal downtime

  1. Please kindly do something about my results, especially the core subjects, the chemistry and elective maths, because I answered every question correctly in the core subjects and I also did well in my electives. But please why this results ??????. Please I am not going to stop reporting and complaining ??about my results until something is done about it because I know I am not supposed to get such results. please kindly do some about it for me immediately ??????

  2. Honestly, the grades some students are getting is below thier performance they put up during the exams, so pls waec must do the needful .

  3. Please do something about my results. I hope and believe that the results given to me is not correct base on how I answer the questions. Please and please do remarking.

  4. Please do something about my results cause from what I did in my Wasce and the results delivered to me is not what am expecting koraaa

  5. Please I have checked my results and I was not happy about what I got I know I wasn’t supposed to get that. Please I’m begging if something can be done about this especially my English language. I strongly believe that I’m very good at that aspect but I was given E8 which got me very ill. So I want an immediate solution to this. Please help me out.

  6. I think waec have to re organized it system, because what some students are getting,it means most of the people may not be able to go to university and training college,so we apeel for waec to do something mediately

  7. Please WAEC claims to have resolved the problem with the portal but we see the same problem over and over again. Some of us have a deadline approaching and we still haven’t gotten the chance to see our results. And also the results given out does not seem accurate please WAEC listen to our views because the inaccurate results are running through a lot of people’s slips. Please just get it checked ?

  8. I also answered everything my elective for sure I just don’t know what happened that can’t be my result as also as well because I know I did more than that

  9. For the past three I’ve been crying over my results and I know that is not what I’m supposed to get because I know my strength.Waec should kindly help us because majority of us are choosing the wrong option in life* and some are going through depression.if I may ask, would they be happy if their only child is facing such depressive issue? There’s no need to apologize if you failed us.

  10. ???????WAEC having a technical hitch ad they call it so ,how sure are we that those results that were posted first was also accurate to me as an individual the results that were release have to be thoroughly checked all this is hilarious making education boring and insignificant today the results clearly indicates that EXAMINATION FAVOURS THE FOOLS

  11. I also think the WAEC have to reorganize it system.I for instance, I don’t understand why I got E8 on social studies and D7 on English language.Please WAEC your children’s heart is in danger please you people should do something about my Social and English please ??? because I did well in these subjects.please???

  12. I also think WAEC have to reorganize it system.For instance I don’t understand why I got E8 on social studies and D7 on English language.Please WAEC your children’s heart is in danger please you people have to do something about my Social and English please ?? because I did well these subjects.please???

  13. Stop posting unnecessary things here, you’re not the only one that started writing wassce/ sssce.
    We all wrote the exam before. Stop putting blame on the waec.

  14. Please I’m Adusei Daniella my science is cancelled and maths also I got E8 please help me with this cause I truly know that that isn’t my results please help me with this??

  15. Please waec help your children because all of us are complaining we never see that before when I see my results I was shock because I believed my self and I did a perfect work and why all this.

  16. So those of us who want to go to Legon but because of that UG closed their portal 10th December exactly 4pm are we to wait till next we beg do something about that

  17. Please am Umar Ismail Tagra.
    I also think waec should reorganize it system well because I don’t understand why I got Economics and CRS F9 because I was not expecting A or B but C I will get.

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