Here is How to become a UK nurse from India

The UK is a dream destiny for Indians around the world. The main reason is the diverse culture of the UK as you never feel stranger feeling in this country. It can be great to work as a Nurse in the UK as an Indian. The main appeal for Indian nurses to work in the UK is the National Health Service.NHS is abundant in nursing jobs for Indians due to packages that come with NHS jobs are extremely attractive.

UK as a country has a fantastic healthcare system and invests a lot in the healthcare sector. Indian n find all the comforts of home in their local communities. This makes transitioning from India to the United Kingdom an easy and exciting process.

There are various attractions for Indian nurses to settle in the UK:

Why UK a popular destination?

The UK is one of the popular places to settle permanently for Indians. You may see many Indian working in various sectors like Education, Health, Business, and Commerce sectors. Being a Nurse you can settle in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Wales. The UK countryside is stunningly beautiful with picture-perfect surroundings and a true feeling of freedom. You feel total freedom and an attractive salary package as a nurse. This is extremely a great opportunity for the Indian nurse to settle in the UK.

Requirements for Indian nurses:

There are various requirements for Indian nurses to settle in the UK, you need to qualify for all the requirements to get a UK visa:

  • Must have a Nursing degree from a recognized institution, it is better to have a degree from a public sector University.
  • You should have two to three years of experience for becoming eligible for a nursing job. But one year of experience is compulsory to become eligible for a nursing job in the UK.

A proven English language skill:

You need to have proof of proficiency in English, you should be able to speak, read, and write English. This is quite a vital part to get a UK visa as 

working in healthcare requires the ability to communicate with patients and co-workers.

To prove your proficiency in English, you can take one or two examinations:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • OET (Occupational English Test)

You need to select a specific version of IELTS or OET, which is designed for the healthcare industry. You need to choose the correct version of IELTS for coming to the UK as a healthcare professional. Make sure, you are not eligible to get a UK visa without the IELTS or OET. If somebody is claiming that the English proficiency test is not necessary to get a nursing job in the UK, it is just a “Fake Claim”


Indian nurses always have had a dream to settle in the UK, but it is necessary that you follow the procedure. There are millions of people applying for the UK every year from India, so first, complete your documents and then apply for a Nursing job in the UK.