3 thoughts on “Fees for UEW teacher education programme affordable – GNACOPS

  1. Please, what about those with degrees in BBA. Who are now doing their Master’s in education with international universities, how can Ghana National Teaching Council (NTC) license them to be professionals

  2. We definitely need holistic education in this present times, if private schools teachers are going to be help, it’s not necessarily that they all come to the faculty or the university compound,we can still offer them the diploma and the degrees but lectures can be distance learning or it can be district by district. So therefore the lectures can visit a particular district in the academic calendar or semester and it should be rotational.
    Some private teachers can’t afford transportation, hostel, accommodation and feeding.
    But l do support the decision.

  3. It is a good decision taken by the university. I also think it is good to run the program online or you make provision for those who wants to do it online. Going to the campus will not be good all.

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