UCC Grading System | How to Calculate Your GPA

University of Cape Coast (UCC) has its own grading system like other universities in Ghana. They use two projects to assess their students; Continuous Assessment and End of Semester Examination.

The continuous assessment is made up of group work, research work, presentations, and others before the end of the semester examination.

UCC Grading System | How to Calculate Your GPA

UCC students receive their results in their student’s portals before the next semester begins.

The End of Semester Examination takes 60% and the Continuous Assessment takes 40%. The continuous assessment results are posted on the departmental notice boards two weeks before the start of the end-of-the-semester examination.

UCC Student Assessment


UCC Grading System

80 – 100A4.0Excellent
75 – 79B+3.5Very Good
70 – 74B3.0Good
65 – 69C+2.5Average
60 – 64C2.0Fair
55 -59D+1.5Barely Satisfactory
50 – 54D1.0Weak Pass

Audit – The grade point is zero.

Incomplete (IC) – A student is graded IC when he/she misses one or more components of the assessment.


  1. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that all ICs are rectified
  2. An IC should be rectified within 2 weeks after the release of end-of-semester examination results
  3. An IC not rectified after the deadline will be converted to the corresponding grade.

How to Calculate Your GPA

To calculate your GPA, divide the sum of total CREDIT VALUE by the sum of total CREDIT HOURS for that particular semester.

  • GPAs are semester specific
  • GPA= Total GPT/Total Credit


BIO 1214A16.00
ISP 1223B+10.5
GDP 1223B9
EDC 1112C+5
GPD 1223C6

The sum of the product of credit points for a course (the course weighting) and the grade point for the course divided by the sum of the course weightings for all courses on the semester.

Total GPT=46.5
• Total Credits= 15
• GPA= 46.5/15

GPA= 3.1

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