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Top 10 Best Colleges for Biology Pre-Med in Ohio

Colleges and universities approach premedical studies in different ways, as the subject is not always a major but rather an advising track that offers opportunities for extracurriculars.


No matter where they go to school and what they major in, though, students who pursue premedical tracks should expect to take different kinds of science classes so they can fulfill medical school prerequisites and prepare themselves as best they can for their careers.

Luckily for students, Ohio is home to loads of top universities prepared to offer these different programs to premedical students.

And they will be pursuing a field that will not only always be in demand but also continues to grow. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of physicians and surgeons working in the country will increase by 3% between 2020 and 2030.

Although this rate is lower than the national average, it still amounts to an additional 24,800 jobs to the 727,000 physician and surgical positions that existed in 2020, the bureau noted.

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Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

While Ohio State University students cannot major in pre-medicine, they can choose it as an academic interest so their different advisers can tailor their guidance to make it as productive as possible.

Pre-medicine is one of the university’s preprofessional programs and more specifically part of pre-health, which encompasses not only medicine but also a pharmacy, optometry, and other areas.

Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)

Pre-med students have pursued a variety of majors while also preparing for health careers at Case Western Reserve University. Regardless of what they study, undergraduates should note that they likely need to fulfill particular prerequisites to attend medical school, including different types of sciences with lab work.

University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

The University of Cincinnati can help students who plan to pursue healthcare careers through its Pre-Professional Advising Center. The center’s staff is able to help aspiring medical students learn about the jobs available to them and select the appropriate courses to help them reach their goals.

Miami University (Oxford, OH)

Miami University of Ohio takes a unique approach to pre-medicine, offering it as a co-major through the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education. In this approach, students complete a primary major, which is the degree they will receive at graduation, but also take science classes to build a foundation for their future medical career.

University of Toledo (Toledo, OH)

Several undergraduate programs at the University of Toledo offer pre-medicine tracks, including pharmaceutical sciences, bioengineering, and public health. The university says most of its students major in either biology or chemistry, enabling them to meet the requirements of both their major and the pre-health concentration, which means they don’t need to take additional courses.

University of Dayton (Dayton, OH)

The University of Dayton students can earn a bachelor of science in pre-medicine, part of the school’s Premedical Programs unit. Program participants receive an adviser from the Premedical Faculty Committee and can take advantage of the Premedical Programs Office’s various services.

The University of Akron (Akron, OH)

Future physicians will find an extensive support system at the University of Akron. Its guide to pre-professional health resources provides undergraduates with everything they need to know about the types of majors available to them that would work to their advantage in medical school, how to become competitive applicants for graduate school, and more.

Wright State University (Dayton, OH)

The premed studies certificate program at Wright State University is designed for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree and want to bolster their chances of getting accepted into medical school.

Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH)

Xavier University has a pre-professional health program with an excellent track record. The program has a set curriculum for each of the four years of undergraduate study to prepare students for pursuing careers in medicine, dentistry, and even veterinary medicine.

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