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Technical challenges caused changes in WASSCE results – WAEC

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) after EduWatch raised concern over changes in WASSCE results of candidates has said a technical hitch on Friday, December 10, 2021, caused the error but has been resolved.


In a blog post sighted by EducationWeb.com.gh, WAEC said “one of the Council’s platforms, eresults.waecgh.org, used for checking of results experienced a technical hitch on Friday, 10th December 2021 between 4.45 p.m. and 6.00 p.m

This resulted in subjects that originally had Grade B3 with the interpretation, GOOD being changed to Grade A1 with the interpretation GOOD still showing, indicating an error. The system has been shut down and the problem resolved.”

The Management of the non-profit-making organization (WAEC) apologising to the general public particularly candidates in the blog post said “members of the public are assured that our results database is secure and intact.”

A total of 446,352 candidates, made up of 221,439 (49.6%) boys and 224,913 (50.4%) girls from 965 schools entered for the examination. A total of 3,545 (0.79%) of the candidates who registered were absent from the examination.

How to check your 2021 WASSCE for School result at eresults.waecgh.org

1. Purchase a result checker from WAEC by dialling the shortcode *944# on your mobile phone.

2. Log onto the result checking portal at https://eresults.waecgh.org

3. Enter your Index Number

4. Re-enter your Index Number to confirm it is correct.

5. Select Examination type (e.g WASSCE School)

6. Select the year of Examination (e.g 2021)

7. Enter Serial number (e.g 180000000001)

8. Enter Pin (e.g A1B2C3D4E5F9)

9. Click on the captcha

10. Click on Submit and wait for the popup window to display your results. This may take some minutes but please wait.

Please do not hesitate to send an email to https://helpdesk.waecgh.org/ for immediate assistance and support if in case you encounter difficulties in checking your results and be wary of fraudsters who promise to upgrade the result.

50 thoughts on “Technical challenges caused changes in WASSCE results – WAEC”

  1. Please kindly check and do something about my results for me because I believe in myself that I will get a better results but I’m impressed with what I saw. Do something please .

  2. I believed my self for Agric but when the result came it shock me of the grade . please do something about it for me.

  3. I’ve been insulted by my parents just because I didn’t get better grades. But Please WAEC ,I do believe that I would have gotten better grades than what I did. I’ll be very happy when something is than about me results. Thank you.

  4. Please do something about our results because we believe in our self but this results given to us is not for us please ,there should a change of it please

  5. I know when something is destined to happen it will surely happen by Allah, but if you can help me with my Accounting, Economics and Social Studies please can you do something?I wrote but these subjects I was expecting A1 but I didn’t get it.Thank you.

  6. Pls do something about centres at Ojodu area of Lagos,they are traumatizing candidates sitting for GCE,it is not nice at all,and very unfair ,I am a parent .

  7. What I saw wasn’t what I was expecting .I don’t think those are my results. Especially economics and government

  8. I have tried several times but it still unexpected error that what they said please help me to check mine

  9. I also believed that there is an error somewhere because some of the grades some of us had is not supposed to be like that so i think with a humble appeal they should re check it well for us

  10. I was expecting a better grade and I don’t know how you guys marked my paper please please do something about it. .if is somebody’s grade too you have given me.

  11. What happened to my social studies please you gotta do something about it social studies and most especially elective maths please

  12. So do we have to check out our results again, and even when. Also, if B3 is changing to A1 then what of E8 and D7.

  13. I’m very good in English but they gave me D7 please something needs to be done because everything shows that the double truck systems made them placed the grade anyhow

  14. I don’t think my Economics, Geography and Social Studies was marked. Please kindly do something about it for me. The result I had is not encouraging at all. I know what i did. Index number:0010536076

  15. Pls I have checked my result without my picture appearing on it pls why n does that means is fake or what

  16. Pls I think dat my science, Government and Geography was not not marked properly, I noe wat I did in dat paper, pls do something for pls.

  17. Please am very good in social studies and English but the results I had is not encouraging, please do something about my core subjects.
    This my index number:0060402703

  18. Please check my papers again, I’m very good at Graphics, GKA, English, Science and Social Studies and the results I had for them is disappointing
    My index number 1050110461

  19. Please check my papers again, I’m very good at Graphics, GKA, English, Science and Social Studies and the results I had for them is disappointing
    My index number 1050110461

  20. Please our father and Mother..
    Remark our results for Ours again please….when I saw my results ..I plan that I should go and make suicide ,,,Because I’m from social economic background …So I lent a lot before the exams..but the I saw it ..I wasn’t happy??..so we beg you all waec leaders??..check it and released it again please…
    Our Sch Non of the student pass the Wassce results..Christ The King Catholic SHS@Obuasi…so we beg u in the name of almighty ????my index number..is 0051204201

  21. Please and please again Am very intelligent my family don’t have so I learnt a lot in order to pass this wassce Am saying this in the name of Almighty God I can’t lie to you please after all this struggling and learning my results was very bad I wonder why so please Am begging you in the name of God do something about it please ????????? please this is my index 0010114695

  22. Please check my again please I beg a lot my parents will kill me for this result. And the id did not appear too

  23. If that be the case then is good because all students of Tepa SHS has failed a lot so waec pls do something about the results. The grade that I got was boring I thought it was not even mine

  24. Pls I checked my daughter’s results last week,the first day the portal was opened but my sister called me this afternoon to check again since results have been changed,how true is this?

  25. Please the results that I had are not mine please even the id picture didn’t appear on the slip my family have rejected me now because of these bad results because they know that Am very intelligent.please I beg you in the name of God do something about my results please this is my index number??0010114695

  26. Hello , please I don’t know what is going on, the result I saw is not my please kindly do something about it.

  27. Please there was a very big mistake on my results, I got credit on both English, math and science, but they gave me D7 for the above subjects I have mentioned to you, please I beg the waec board to do something about my results for me, please I want you to provide for me the correct grades I am supposed to have on my results, please I beg you help me, if remark you should do to help me please I beg do that for me please, because my parents know how best I performe when it comes to my academics, so they are not happy with the kind of results your board had provided for me, and they are also not okay with the mistakes you have made in my results by giving me credit on both English, Math and science but rather giving me D7 for credit, which I know credit is supposed to maybe C4,C5, or C6, please I beg try whatever you can do , and do something about my results for me please and please

  28. Please am Odoom Dickson.
    I have provided my problems on the above massage that I have sent to your platform, please this is my Index Number (0051802742) please I beg you in the name of the Almighty God, please work on the problems and mistakes you have made on my results for me, please I beg you, please

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