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NaSIA takes over inspection of private schools in Ghana from GES

The National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA) says the Ghana Education Service (GES) will no longer deploy School Improvement Support Officers (SISOs) to inspect the activity of all private schools in Ghana again.


Speaking at the Stakeholder Engagement meeting in Elmina, Central Region, the Inspector General of Schools, Dr Haggar Hilda Ampadu said that is now the work of the National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA).

“Where GES will send circuit supervisors in your school to inspect you that is no more because that is a NaSIA activity we need to do because private schools are supposed to operate as private entities or businesses,” she stated.

NaSIA is an agency of the Ministry of Education mandated by Parliament to provide an independent external evaluation of the quality and standards in basic and second cycle educational institutions in the country on a periodic basis. 

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In 2008, the Education Act, 778 established the National School Inspectorate Authority, formerly known as National Inspectorate Board (NIB) with 3 main responsibilities: School Inspection, School Evaluation and Enforce Standards.

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