6 thoughts on “NSS gives date to pay personnel 2022 outstanding allowances

  1. Allowance had not been paid yet,i received only one month pay that was for December, so from October, November , January, February, March is not yet ended I have not been paid pls this very bad how do you expect us to cater for ourselves and the most painful aspect of it was we receive an amount of 494gh instead of the 599gh expected

  2. I’ve also not been paid since I started NSS! How do you expect us to go to work without been paid? You guys are been been paid every month so you’re relaxed when we’re not paid.what kind of country are we in? It’s very outrageous

  3. We that had mismatch has resolved our issues but yet we have not received our allowance since from December 2021 to March 2022

  4. I’ve also not been paid since I started NSS.How do you expect me to go to work every day without allowances. Pls it’s very bad, how do you expect me to cater for myself. Pls pay me my money because things are going bad at my end

  5. Mine for October, November, December wasn’t paid I noticed my NSS Secretariat didn’t submit my forms for me to get paid People can be mean

  6. So when are you going to pay us our NSS allowance eii we will die oo cos some of us have travelled far please please do us a favor cos some of us are suffering, is not easy to be going to work without food.

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