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How To Get A Bank Statement In Ghana For Student Visa Application

A bank statement is a snapshot of all financial transactions for an account over a specified time frame. Transaction history, account balances, fees and interest earned, and personal details such as your account number are all included.


A bank summary is available to all bank account holders. A Bank Statement is simply a printed document that details every financial transaction you have with the bank.

Banks charge clients a small fee for each page of their statement. The majority of institutions charge GHS5 per page.

Let’s go over the steps for receiving your bank statements, whether online or by mail.

Types of Bank Statements

Interim Statements and Official Statements are the two different categories of bank statements.

Customers ask for interim statements so they can double-check bank activities. This type of statement is only readily accessible through internet banking and is not used for official purposes.

As implied by the name, official objectives such as visa applications use official statements. Tell your lenders what you plan to do with the statement when you ask for one.

How do I get a copy of a Bank Statement?

A copy of your bank statement can be obtained from the bank you do business with. If the statement is not required for official purposes, such as a visa application, the client can access it online if they have an internet banking account.

How do I get a Bank Statement Online?

A copy of your statement is available online if you have registered for internet banking. You can choose your chosen days and save the statements in a variety of formats, including PDF and EXCEL, using the online banking portal.

It should be mentioned that statements that you print from the website cannot be used to apply for a visa.

How do I get a Bank Statement by Mail?

Normally, when you open a bank account, you’ll start getting monthly bank bills in the mail right away. They won’t always coincide with the start or conclusion of the calendar month because they are mailed out every month based on when you opened your account. These will have the same appearance as the website’s downloadable PDFs.

You can contact your bank’s customer support department if you do not have access to online banking. They can assist you in getting your message on paper. On the back of your debit card or in the contact section of the bank’s website, you can locate the customer service phone number.

How do I qualify for a Bank statement?

Every bank client, regardless of balance, is eligible for a bank statement.

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