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Harrow School, a public boarding school for boys, was founded by John Lyon. Mr. John Lyon, a local landowner and farmer, is credited with the establishment of the Harrow School. Under Queen Elizabeth I’s Royal Charter, the All Boys School was established in 1572.

Is Harrow School Prestigious?

Yes, you’re right. The school’s lengthy history and renowned graduates have helped to establish it as one of the most prestigious independent public institutions in the world, not just in the UK.

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Harrow School Acceptance Rate

Application to the Harrow School is based on CV writing and a letter of interest to the school’s headmaster. A select applicant is invited to take exams in three of his four A-level subject choices.

Is Eton better than Harrow?

The cricket team at Eton College is superior to that of Harrow School. The Eton and Harrow Annual Rival Cricket event currently has Eton College as the current champion.

Harrow School Uniform

Harrow’s uniform includes:

  1. Morning suits,
  2. Straw boater hats
  3. Top hats
  4. Canes.

How to buy Harrow School Uniform

The Outfitters sells Harrow School uniforms in-store as well (formerly Harrow School Outfitters). For assistance, please contact harrow@theschoolwearspecialists.co.uk.

How much is Harrow School Uniform Price

Harrow School uniforms are available for £101.19 per student.

How much are the fees at Harrow School?

  • A term at Harrow School in the United Kingdom costs £14,555 in 2021/2022. These include tuition, stationery allowance, and laundry. Parents are expected to pay the above-mentioned fees in advance by the first day of class.
  • A non-refundable registration fee of £350 is required for new applicants.

Who is Harrow School Headmaster?

  • Alastair Land is the Headmaster of Harrow School.
  • He is an Alumnus of the Trinity College, Cambridge
  • Land served as President of the Students Union at the college.

Who is Harrow Deputy Head Master

  • Nick Page serves as the Harrow School’s Deputy Headmaster.
  • Nick is an alumnus of Queens College and Nottingham University.
  • Prior to joining the Harrow School, he was at the Westminster School.

Who is Harrow School Bursar

  • Nick Shryane is the Bursar at Harrow School in the United Kingdom.
  • He is a prestigious Cambridge University alumnus.

Who is in Charge of Pastoral Care at Harrow School

Dr. Stephen Harrison is the Harrow School’s Director of Pastoral Care. He is a Queen’s University Belfast alumnus.

Harrow School Scholarship offers

Scholarships at the Harrow School are highly competitive and value 5% of the tuition. Academic excellence in areas such as music, arts, and sports is used to select applicants.

Harrow School Terms of date 2022

Harrow School’s calendar for 2021-2022 outlines the Academic Year’s activities, deadlines, and events. Parents can view the Harrow School Terms and Conditions for 2021-2022 here.

Harrow School Website

The official website of Harrow School is https://www.harrowschool.org.uk/. Students can get access to news on campus, terms of dates from the comfort of their houses.

Contact Details of Harrow School

Harrow School Phone Number: +44 (0)20 8872 8000

Email Address: admissions@harrowschool.org.uk.

Harrow School Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/harrowschoolofficial/?hl=en

Harrow School Linkedin handle: https://www.linkedin.com/school/harrowschool/

List of Famous Alumni

Old Harrovians are Harrow alumni. Harrow School alumni have held positions of prominence in politics, sports, entertainment, and industry.

Below are the top Alumni

Jawaharlal Nehru

  • Former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru attended the prestigious Harrow School.
  • From 1916 to 1936, he was married to Kamala Nehru.

What did Jawaharlal Nehru for India?

  • During his presidency, Nehru was known for promoting parliamentary democracy and secularism in India.

Robert Peel

  • The Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is a Harrovian.
  • London Metropolitan Police Force was established the tenure of Robert Peel.

What did Robert Peel do for the Irish?

Robert averts famine by importing maize from the United States of America.

Alastair Fothergill

  • Alastair Fothergill, a 60-year-old British film producer, is another notable Harrow School alumnus.
  • He is married to Melinda Fothergill with two children.

Dr. Nicholas Patrick

  • Dr. Nicholas Patrick is an Harrow School alumnus
  • The British-American engineer who previously worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, an independent agency.
  • Following high school, Former NASA Astronaut attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Cambridge.

Nick Compton

South African-English cricketer is an Alumnus of the Harrow School.

How old is Nick Compton?

38 years old Compton was born on June 26, 1983.

Billy Vunipola

The England national team’s professional Ruby player is a Harrow School alumnus.

Maro Itoje

  • Maro Itoje, a professional ruby player, is also a Harrow School alumnus.
  • He proceeded to the SOAS University of London after graduation from Harrow School.

Jeremy Greenstock

  • The former British diplomat is a Harrow School alumnus.
  • His Partner is Anne Derryn Ashford Hodges
  • The 78-year-old has one child, Nick Greenstock.

James Hillier Blount

  • James Blunt, a 48-year-old English singer-songwriter, is a graduate of the prestigious Harrow School.
  • He is married to Sofia Wellesley.
  • She is John Henry Wellesley’s daughter.

Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Benedict Cumberbatch, an English actor, attended Harrow School.
  • He is married to Sophie Hunter
  • He has won a Primetime Emmy, a Critics’ Choice Television Award, and a Laurence Olivier Award.
  • He has three Children.

Julian Metcalfe

  • Julian Edward Metcalfe, a British entrepreneur and the founder of the food retailer Pret a Manger, is a Harrow School alumnus.
  • Metcalfe, his company, is worth £215 million.

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