2 thoughts on “Failed GTLE candidates can pay GH₵600 for script remarking – NTC

  1. Why you people are causing our the currently youth suffering with our Education system? I may ask how many of you the lead of the National Teaching Council (NTC) wrote your licensure examination?

    When you know that major of them are unemployment but managed to raised fund for the exams and now you are telling them to pay GH₵600 for script remark?

    It will make sense if all all them are already under GES, so that that can use their monthly salary to pay for the amount you are asking them to pay.

    Since such student did Education course that mean they are trainned teachers already. Why can’t they write their licensure examination with their courses before they graduation?

    Ghana is a place where the student and their parents will suffering for the Education process. At the same time the student will suffering for job sad. Our youth from the poor home are suffering, but our youth from the rich home don’t.

  2. the people’s of these country should help us on these ntc if not we would suffer.the only reason is that they want money to spand

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