1 thought on “Govt to reduce elective subjects of students who cannot read, write

  1. Why not make it four years for such students. They read only the core subjects subjects plus emphasis on literacy in the 1st year whiles they continue adding the Elective subjects from the 2nd to 4th year.

    I quiet remember as a teacher teaching in a less endowed rural secondary school, the best results I ever experienced for my students were the SHS 2011 batch who had the opportunity to do 4 years, courtesy President Kuffour’s policy. A greater number and proportion of them passed all their core subjects, which enabled more of them to secure admission into tertiary institutions. This was more than all year batches that I had thought.

    This experiment made me conclude that students with poor literacy foundations can do either better or as other students, when they are have at least a year to prepare them to take on the Elective Subjects as those with good literacy foundations. The potential to excel is there but it should be unleashed with a year of tuition in only the core subjects in first year before introduced to the Electives.

    This policy should be tried. It will work

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