Govt extends deadline to merge SSNIT and NIA numbers

Govt extends deadline to merge SSNIT and NIA numbers

The Management of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has proactively extended the deadline for members of the Trust to merge their SSNIT and NIA numbers from December 31, 2021, to June 30, 2022.

SSNIT in a statement copied to has urged members yet to register for Ghana Card to do so in order to merge their SSNIT and National Personal ID numbers on Ghana Card (NIA) before June 30, 2022 deadline.

“From July 1, 2022, the Ghana Card will be the only identification recognised by the Trust. This is in compliance with Regulation 7 (1) of the National Identity Register Regulations, 2021, L. I 2111,” the Social Trust stated in the release.

It also told employers they will be required to use only the NIA numbers of their workers to process contribution report and make payments. “Voluntary contributions will also have to pay contributions using NIA numbers,” SSNIT added.

According to the Trust, members who fail to merge the SSNIT and Ghana Card numbers will be denying themselves access to pension and other social security related services from Social Security and National Insurance Trust.

The National Insurance said there will be no extension of the deadline, hence members are to ensure their numbers are merged accurately to enjoy the convenience and comfort of using only one card, the Ghana card for transactions.

How to merge SSNIT and NIA numbers with a shortcode

1. Dail *711*9# on your mobile phone

2. Select option 1

3. Enter your SSNIT number

4. Enter your email address (if the phone number you are using is different from your phone number registered in our database)

5. Enter the Personal ID Number on your Ghana Card

6. Select option 1 to complete the merging of your SSNIT and the NIA numbers (Personal ID Number on your Ghana Card)

You will receive a message notification on your mobile phone after a successful process of merging the two national documents. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment if any problem persists.

How to merge SSNIT and NIA numbers online

1. Log onto the SSNIT website and click the ‘My Statement’

2. Log in by filling the required fields and click Sign In. (Click on Get Access if you don’t have an account or click on Forgot Password if you have forgotten your password then sign in)

3. At the My Statement page, click on Merge my NIA Number.

4. Agree to the terms and conditions and click Submit and Continue.

5. Enter your NIA Number (Personal ID Number on the Ghana Card) and click Submit. You will receive a notification after the merger.