2 thoughts on “2nd phase of 2021 GES teachers promotion exam slated for August

  1. Is it really true that some of these teachers genuinely failed the exam or because of the quota given that made teachers being frustrated as if it’s a crime to be a teacher? The corruption in the GES sector is too much. After all this, GES expects teachers to do the job wholeheartedly. We are the cause of the downfall of our educational system making innocent learners suffer. MoE and GES must sit up now!!

  2. Wants to find out if is crime to enter the teaching proffession.

    The results which came was in three folds.
    1, those who failed when checked for the first time.
    2, those who passed when checked for the first time.
    3, those who checked and was asked to submit their decument for verification before given then their congratulations message.

    However the GES portal was shut down for some reasons best to them and when it was later restored , the 3rd group which they were to submit their decuments for verification just within 24 hours were all failed.

    Aden na mo ye tekyafo saa?

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