1 thought on “GES denies change in 2021 gold, green Senior High School calendar

  1. YES. When students get registered for WASSCE, then most of them start misbehaving , for example, absentism, disrespect toward teachers during lessons, they become something else on campuses.
    Infact, because of the way the Education Ministry and GES is dealing with issues bordering on decipline in schools, the students don’t care about any teacher who tries to guide or decipline them.

    The Senior High is a very important stage in the life of the students which need cooperation among all stakeholders. But unfortunately teachers who are in the frontline or directly in daily contacts with the students are relegated to the background.

    The experience and wisdom of all stakeholders are need in this situation in order to prepare a better way of dealing with students for the sake of the future of Ghana .

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