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Freshmen Prospectus: What to Take to University 2023

Do you feel confused about what items to take to university in the next academic year as a freshman? Don’t worry Educationweb.com.gh has got you covered. We will list some of the basic prospectuses that cut across all the universities in Ghana in this article.


A prospectus is a printed booklet advertising a school or university to potential parents or students or giving details of a share offer for the benefit of investors.

Freshmen Prospectus: What to Take to University 2023

We have put together the Ultimate Checklist to make your move to Uni as simple and smooth as possible. There’s everything you need, from daily essentials to important documents you don’t want to leave behind! 

✔️ Important documents✔️ Electrical items
✔️ Clothing items✔️ Academic items
✔️ Kitchen items✔️ Bedroom items
✔️ Bathroom items✔️ Toiletries/Medical items
✔️ Miscellaneous items✔️ The essential non-essentials
✔️ Before you pack✔️ Getting your personal effects to Uni

During your first week at the university, you may be required to show some documents. Make sure you keep all your documents safe and in one place probably in a file. Don’t forget to make copies of all paper and digital documents.

Passport, Licence, or official IDUniversity Documentation
Course Acceptance LetterStudent Finance Documentation
Accommodation DocumentationBank Details and Bank Card
Passport Size PhotographsNational Insurance/Social Security details

We hope this article helps to alleviate some of the difficulties you go through when preparing for the university.

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