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Expensive Schools in Ghana and their Fees 2023

With different schools popping out now and then in Ghana, it become important for parents and guardians to find the right school for their ward. Some of the right schools also come with high tuition fees.


These schools with higher tuition fees can only be afforded by parents and guardians who have a high income or are capable of paying these fees.

Why are these Schools expensive? All the schools in the under listed below uses international school curriculum ranging from English National and Cambridge curricula. These schools are located in Accra, Ghana’s capital city.

Students who attend these schools have a better chance of attending top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Caltech, MIT, Purdue, Portsmouth, and Southern New Hampshire University for their undergraduate education in the future.

List of Top 10 Expensive Schools in Ghana

We will take a look at some of the top 10 expensive schools in Ghana and I bet your jaw will drop when you see their tuition fees.

Let’s dive in…

Name of School(s)Tuition fee(s)
SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International CollegeGH¢39,000 to 78,000 per term
Soul Clinic International School$1333 per term
Lincoln Community School$15,084 to $26,276 per year
American International SchoolGH¢40,000
Al-Rayaan International School$6,750 to $8,750 per term
Ghana International School (GIS)$2,027 to $3,045
Galaxy International SchoolGH¢ 26,000
Liberty American SchoolGH¢30,000
Ecole Francaise4,900 Euros and 8,000 Euros
Roman Ridge School$1200 to $4000 per term

According to the table, only high-income families can afford to send their children to these schools.

Source: Educationweb.com.gh

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