5 thoughts on “Education Ministry gives date to recruit graduate teachers 2022

  1. It’s very good decision, but must consider graduate who are doing their masters in education but don’t have degree in education.
    Some have finished their degrees in various courses, but are now majoring in education in their masters. What can ministry of education do for such people.

  2. Please you said graduate teachers who are are seeking to be recruit should calm themselves they’re going to be recruit to help to improve the SHS and Technical schools and never considered graduate who did basic education as it happened last year. So what happen to those people? Are they not going to be considered? or they’re not consider in public basic school again?

  3. My comments is not about recruitment.
    I am curious to find out what kind of educational system do we have now in Ghana? I am from the baby boomers generation, had my basic and secondary education here in Ghana. We knew when school will start , when it will end and when we will go back. Now it’s up to whoever is in charge of the system to decide that.
    Covid can’t be used as an excuse, because it was like this before Covid. How are our grandchildren going to compete with the rest of the world? Thanks

  4. The policy should be clear enough; that universities should stop distance education programs, instead of saying they should reduce intake.

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