Dos & Don’ts of a Successful Journal Submission 

Submitting a research paper to a scholarly journal can be a really tricky task. You may need to address a variety of requirements for the successful submission of your research article. Overlooking these requirements while submitting a journal will only make you spend more time and effort in rectifying the problems you have made earlier while preparing your publication for submission.

The best way to avoid wastage of time and effort is to consider the continuous changes happening in the scientific and research publications. Additionally, you need to keep some dos and don’ts regarding the write-up and publication of research articles in peer-reviewed journals. Considering these dos and don’ts won’t trouble the process of successful research article submission.

We have discussed these tips in detail here to help you publish your research article successfully. Further details are given below:

Dos that You Need to Consider

Here are some dos that you need to work on to ensure the successful submission of your research article to a scholarly journal. Read on to know more:

Target the Right Journal

The first thing you need to keep an eye out for while sending the paper for submission to a scholarly journal is its scope. You should make sure that the journal publishes research articles related to the subject of your manuscript. Keep in mind that the submission of a research paper to a scholarly journal is a serious business. Make sure you submit your research write-up to the right journal that covers the relevant subject. Simply put, your research article should fit the scope of the targeted journal. Doing this will not only help you save your time but others as well.

Add a Cover Letter

Now that you have a clear idea about the scope of the journal you are targeting for the submission of your research paper, it is time to focus on the cover letter for submission of your research article to a scholarly journal. The cover letter you prepare for the aforementioned purpose should be written in a clear tone. Make sure you clarify the reason why the research paper is a good fit for the targeted journal, the reason that urged you to articulate the research paper you have submitted, and the type of paper you are submitting. A clearly written cover letter for the research paper will increase the chances of successful submission.

Check the Guidelines Published by the Journal for Authors

Every journal has its own process of reviewing and processing the paper it receives for publication. There are certain bespoke requirements of every journal regarding the writings and formatting style of manuscripts. Hence, you must go through those Guidelines to be aware of the prerequisites set by the journal. After reading those guidelines, make sure that your paper fits those prerequisites perfectly. Otherwise, you may end up getting a rejection from the editorial board of the targeted journal.

Don’ts of Journal Submission

Here are some don’ts regarding journal submission to a scholarly journal you need to be aware of. Further details about these don’ts are given below:

Don’t Ignore to Check for Plagiarism in the Journal Paper

Many research article writers don’t pay much attention to the phenomenon of influenced-writing, which can become the reason behind the inclusion of duplicated or plagiarized content in their papers. The influenced-writing phenomenon is very much possible when you are relying on very few sources to obtain facts and figures for inclusion in the research paper. Hence, the best way to avoid such an issue is to check plagiarism in your content. Doing it manually may take a lot of time. The best way to do it is using a reliable plagiarism checker that will help to check for plagiarism and highlight the sentences/paragraphs that are similar to the content of other sources. Once you know the paragraph or sentence that includes duplication, you can easily paraphrase it to remove plagiarism.

Don’t Submit the Journal Paper Without Proofreading

Proofreading any type of written content is necessary to make sure that the content is free of any kind of grammatical or spelling mistakes. This is only possible when you properly proofread the entire research paper, its cover letter, and abstract as well. Moreover, proofreading your research article also allows you to figure out any kind of shortcomings in your content, such as vague sentence structure and poor logic. You can verify the figures and facts added in the research paper from various sources one more time to ensure their accuracy. If you are more concerned about grammar and spelling mistakes in your content, then you can check grammar issues using an online grammar checker. It will highlight the issues if found, and also give suggestions to remove those issues. 

End Words!

Submitting a research paper to a scholarly journal can become really challenging if you ignore a few dos and don’ts that really matter in the said process. We have discussed these dos and don’ts in detail above to help you ensure successful research paper submission. We hope you find these details useful in the process and wish you luck!