Dare2Dream opens applications for 2023 tertiary education scholarship

Are you a Senior High School graduate with excellent grades or an undergraduate student with a truly financial need, the Dare2Dream Scholarship Programme has you covered.

Access to Quality Education. That is the fourth of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the United Nations (UN) came up with a couple of years ago. Those parts of the world we are all so enamored by, as usual, achieved this way before the expiration of the timeframe allotted for the programme, whereas – as is perhaps not surprising but very alarming nonetheless – Ghana and (one could argue) all African countries are still miles away from meeting this target, most likely due to the inability of most families to see their kids through school. Dare2Dream seeks to address this misfortune, and help countless brilliant kids reach their full potentials, by allowing them equal opportunity to go through quality university education.

The Dare2Dream Scholarship Programme was born in 2021, just when the world was preparing to grapple with the losses and struggles of a post-COVID era. For it’s first year of operation, the Scholarship Scheme sponsored the education of four brilliant but needy students across diverse academic disciplines, both STEM and non-STEM alike, in public universities in Ghana. These are students whose families’ already flimsy finances had been ravaged by COVID, students whose stay in school for the just ended academic year would have been utterly miserable, if even at all possible, had Dare2Dream not intervened to put matters into place.

Dare2Dream had a particularly profound and impactful start with the four students it took under its wing. To have an even broader reach, Dare2Dream will be expanding its cohort to include ten additional brilliant but needy Ghanaian students who require financial assistance to go through tertiary education.

The Eligibility Criteria and Prerequisites/Requirements for potential candidates is rather straightforward and very simple:

  • High school graduates should have excellent or at least very good grades in their WASSCE results, and should have gained admission into any accredited university or college in the country.
  • Continuing students should have – in addition to their WASSCE results – official copies of their academic transcripts, and should perform decently in all courses they have taken so far.
  • All potential candidates should provide a compelling letter of motivation.
  • Last but not least, all potential candidates should provide decent letters of recommendation from lecturers/professors and/or teachers who have taught them before.
  • Last but not least, all potential candidates should have an official statement of their academic fees from their university or college.

Well, that is pretty much it. If you meet all the eligibility criteria outlined above, then consider filling out and submitting an application to Dare2Dream at https://linktr.ee/d2dscholarship. Our goal at Dare2Dream is to help eliminate all financial obstacles in your path to quality tertiary education. We want to give every one ample opportunity to realize and live their dreams. You just have to dare to dream first.

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