151 thoughts on “Check your WASSCE results only at https://eresults.waecgh.org

  1. Please at least kindly crosscheck my core subjects and the elective maths for me?????? because I did excellent in those areas and the remaining ones but all my grades have been totally changed ?,0030104670

  2. I don’t understand why I had B2 instead of A in integrated science and some C in some of my core and electives ???,I am not going to stop until further investigation is done please, please am begging u??? at least kindly do something about it

  3. Why please weac we are loosing hope in you how they be selling checker that the system is not available you must do something about this now if possible why can you the checker we the waecgh.org

  4. Please waec should do something about the system, since yesterday till now we can’t access the site. If there is other ways we can check the results the should let us know

  5. Why are you people doing this to some of us. It seems some of my papers wasn’t marked because till now i don’t understand why i those grades. Please am begging you in God’s name do something about it for me. My index number 0010536076

  6. Waec should do something about the result upon what all I did is like they have given my result to someone or those hackers have hack and given to someone I’m pleading waec do something about my result I know you can do that thank you very much I trust you Waec

  7. Please I am still not satisfied with my results ???, please at least kindly do a slight investigation about my results. Infact when when I checked my results it seems as if I have never been in a class before, because why are u supposed to give B2 instead of A. Also, both my core and the electives were wrongly graded. Confidently knowing to score at least 6As, a B and a C but u have totally changed my mood??? by changing all my grades. I am never going to accept such fake results until further investigation is done, thanks.0030104670. please also do something about the invalid pins too

  8. Please I bought a pin via *944#. Upon several attempts to check my results it popped up as “pin invalid”. Please kindly return my money or change a pin for me. Thank you.
    Number: 0508633688

  9. I purchased a serial pin n code but up till now d pin n serial number hasn’t been released. Through *944#

  10. Waec why are u giving us poor result like that, please there should be an investigation, we are not happy with our result at all

  11. Please do something about my results am totally confused when I checked my results.
    This is my WhatsApp number

  12. WAEC please do something about our results we are hurting please,Why is WAEC doing this to us,PLEASE There should be a proper investigations taken.We won’t understand ooooooo toom.
    Please do something about my results please this my WhatsApp number 0541196153

  13. Waec pls do something about the results because I know someone who only wrote her name on her answer booklet and left it empty but had a B.Pls investigate the results
    I was given such disgraceful grades that I don’t deserve them at all. This is my index number 0030304340.

  14. Pls do something about my waec because is not opening, and I don’t know what’s going on pls waec do something oooo

  15. Please I bought a voucher card to check my result but they said my pin and the serial number has been us for different index number so please kindly return my money or change the serial number and the pin for me. Thank you 0554892132 this is the number

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