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The 10 Best college recruiting websites 2023

Best college recruiting websites – These websites offer a variety of resources, including college search tools, scholarship information, admission advice, and networking opportunities.


It’s important to note that the effectiveness of these websites may vary depending on individual preferences, geographic location, and specific academic or athletic interests.

Best college recruiting websites 2023

  1. Naviance: Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness platform used by many high schools. It provides students with tools to explore colleges, track application progress, and connect with counselors. Naviance also offers resources for career exploration and helps students identify their strengths and interests.

Website link: Naviance

  1. CollegeBoard’s BigFuture: BigFuture, created by the College Board, offers a range of resources to help students plan for college. It provides information on colleges, majors, scholarships, and financial aid. BigFuture also offers tools to help students create a college list, prepare for standardized tests, and navigate the application process.

Website link: CollegeBoard’s BigFuture

  1. NCSA Athletic Recruiting: NCSA Athletic Recruiting is a platform designed to help student-athletes navigate the college recruiting process. It offers tools for athletes to create profiles, connect with college coaches, and explore athletic scholarship opportunities. NCSA provides guidance on eligibility requirements, recruiting timelines, and showcases.

Website link: NCSA Athletic Recruiting

  1. Cappex: Cappex is a college search and scholarship platform that helps students find their best-fit colleges. It provides a vast database of colleges, allowing students to compare admissions requirements, majors, and costs. Cappex also offers a scholarship search tool and provides a platform for students to connect with colleges.

Website link: Cappex

  1. Fastweb: Fastweb is a popular scholarship search platform that helps students find financial aid opportunities. It provides a vast database of scholarships, grants, and internships. Fastweb also offers college search tools, career guidance, and resources for test preparation.

Website link: Fastweb

  1. Peterson’s: Peterson’s is a comprehensive college and test preparation resource. It offers information on colleges, test preparation materials, scholarship search tools, and career guidance. Peterson’s provides college rankings, virtual campus tours, and advice on the admissions process.

Website link: Peterson’s

  1. Niche: Niche is a platform that provides information and rankings for colleges and K-12 schools. It offers in-depth profiles of colleges, including reviews from students and alumni. Niche also provides scholarship information, college admissions advice, and data-driven insights into schools and neighborhoods.

Website link: Niche

  1. Unigo: Unigo is a website that provides college reviews, rankings, and scholarship opportunities. It offers a platform for students to share their college experiences and insights. Unigo also provides resources for test preparation, college planning, and career guidance.

Website link: Unigo

  1. College Confidential: College Confidential is a forum-based website where students, parents, and counselors can discuss various aspects of the college admissions process. It offers a platform for asking questions, sharing advice, and reading about others’ experiences. College Confidential also provides resources and information on college admissions.

Website link: College Confidential

  1. BeRecruited: BeRecruited is a platform that connects student-athletes with college coaches for recruiting purposes. It allows athletes to create profiles, highlight their accomplishments, and connect with coaches from various sports. BeRecruited also offers tools for athletes to manage their recruiting process and communicate with coaches.

Website link: BeRecruited

Remember to visit each website to explore their features, sign up for relevant services, and make the most of the resources they offer during your college search and recruiting journey.

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