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70% of 2021 BECE students want their scripts remarked – Report

The majority of candidates who sat for the 2021 edition of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for School after the West African Exams Council (WAEC) released the results say they want their scripts remarked.


Released on Monday, February 28, 2022, the non-profit-making organization (WAEC) in a blog post sighted by EducationWeb said 2021 BECE results have been posted online at https://eresults.waecgh.org/ for candidate’s access.

But, some students after checking the national examination results have told EducationWeb they are not satisfied with the score, consequently they want the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) to remark their BECE scripts.

A student who completed Wenchi-based Great Provider school identified as Osei Wusu Rexford in our comment section said “I want WAEC to go through my script again because I’m sure they didn’t mark my script well.”

Another 2021 BECE graduate from Special Light International School on his part said “I am highly not satisfied with my BECE for School results. WAEC please go through my scripts and kindly remark.”

In line with his colleagues, a 2021 Junior High School graduate also commented “WAEC, I am not satisfied with my results and please I want a remarking of the entire script my name is Yusif Mohammed Attah.”

Their request for the not-for-profit-making organization (WAEC) to remark their scripts comes after a staff of the Council said students who are not satisfied with the BECE results can appeal for a review of their examination scripts.

In an interview with EducationWeb, a staff of WAEC said, candidates 60 days after the release of the provisional results of the national examination can request for a remarking or review of their BECE for School papers or scripts.

“Every candidate has the right to appeal if, for some reason not satisfied with the result, We have a system in place for the students to appeal two months after the results are released online,” the WAEC official noted.

He said interested BECE students are to appeal only at the nearest office of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and not through any third party or individual who claims to be a staff of the Examinations Council.

A total of 572,167 candidates made up of 287,730 males and 284,437 females entered for the examination. Among the registered candidates, 61 had visual impairment and 321 were identified with hearing impairment.

102 thoughts on “70% of 2021 BECE students want their scripts remarked – Report”

  1. Please am Clifford Kwame Amoako Ebbah and am appealing for remarking on my BECE. And please this is my index number 0102001019

  2. WAEC I am not satisfied with my result please remake it again. I am Adams Mariam Clara Adepa

  3. Hi Waec, I’m highly not satisfied with the provisional results released by you on Monday, February 28, I will be very happy if you could remark my scripts because I think there is a mistake somewhere.

  4. Please am Owusu John, I am a 2021 bece candidate please am not satisfied with my results which were released about 2 days ago please WAEC officers kindly recheck my results for me please remark it for me.

  5. Please frankly speaking I am not satisfied with the results I saw kindly go through my script again

  6. Please WAEC am Bonney Francis from Asutsuare Estate D. A Basic 2 school appealing for cross-checking and remarking because am one of the good students in the school.

  7. WAEC must work on those who mark the script in order to avoid mistakes and errors. Please I need my script to be remark again.

  8. Please WAEC remark my script for me i am sure there was a mistake i am not satisfied with my results

  9. WAEC must work on those who mark the script in order to avoid mistakes and errors. Because am not satisfied with my grade. This kind of problem hasn’t happened in our recent BECE’s but I don’t know much about 2021 bece

  10. Please WAEC I’m Asare Portia from Old Tafo SDA JHS. I’m really not satisfied with my results. RME, Social, Ict, French, Bdt, Twi. Please I want these subjects to be remarked for me. I seriously don’t understand my grade. I actually feel like I’m not the one who wrote it. This is my index number 0532034055.

  11. WAEC should go through the scripts as a matter of urgency and make the necessary corrections to the BECE results.

  12. Seriously…I don’t know what to say but the scripts must be remarked Cause I don’t get this…I’m really not satisfied and I’m not the only one
    So pls WAEC if our failure is not your goal then pls remark the scripts

  13. Me too the same the Maths, Ict, French, etc. Because I’m also not satisfied with it regarding the provisional results I don’t know whether it can be remarked

  14. exactly, the papers need to be remarked because I brought my heart out to write this paper just to realise the aggregate I got

  15. WAEC please I insist that my scripts should be remarked. I’m not satisfied with the results I was given

  16. I’m highly disappointed with my results, please I want my ICT and French papers to be marked again.

  17. I am Richmond Attuahene from saint Mark educational complex and I am not satisfied with the result can I come for remarking

  18. Please WAEC officials kindly go through my scripts because I know I deserve better than this result.

  19. Please WAEC kindly remark my script again, Please WAEC kindly remark my script again.

  20. WAEC, please with due respect, please go through ma scripts again. My teachers don’t even believe, I had that grade. Please go through my script again

  21. I think my scripts weren’t marked well because the results I had were totally different from what I expected knowing very well that I wrote well. So please remark my scripts for me and all this is not making me trust in WAEC anymore.

  22. Yeah is true that they should remark or rewrite the exams because I wrote well but the results I have I can’t even show to my parents

  23. Am Clifford Kwame Amoako Ebbah pleading with WAEC to remake my script. My index number is 0102001019 school Oninku Drive 1

  24. There is a probability that the scripts weren’t marked. If it was, then I think it should be remarked. Not satisfied at all

  25. Please am Sarfo Nelson Partey please with all due respect WECE am requesting you to please go through my script and remark it for me
    Am a BECE graduate from FEYIASE D/A JHS.

  26. I am Sakyi Albert and I am begging WAEC to consider remarking my exams answer scripts because I am not satisfied with this result. Konya D/A JHS

  27. My name is Osei Mensah Francis from Konya D/A JHS. I strongly appeal to WAEC to remark my exams scripts. I cannot believe this should be my result. My index number is 0515009025

  28. You did not learn! Take your studies seriously if you are so fortunate enough to be admitted into a senior high school of your choice.

  29. Please once again am Sarfo Nelson Partey with all due respect am pleading with WACE to go through my scripts all the subjects and remark it again and also if 1+1 is now =3 they should let us know because we know it was two(2) and that’s is how we wrote it so how can please @wece do something about it please
    Index number: 0214070030

  30. WAEC must remark bece 2021 papers again because am not satisfied with my grade, please go back and do remaking WAEC.

  31. Pls am not satisfied with the result so pls I want the peppers to be remarK. Pls, pls and pls check out the result and GES

  32. Am Romeo and I am not okay with my result cause my best subject you people gave me 4 and am requesting you should mark them again

  33. This problem hasn’t happened in our recent BECE but I don’t know much about last year’s own (2021). WAEC please remark my papers again. Many people are crying and also blaming WAEC for the poor marking of 2021 bece. WAEC please do something about it

  34. Hi, I’m Adu Boakye Justice. From Wenchi Bono region. I attend Owusu Great Provider school at wenchi. I’m not satisfied with my results please WAEC officials please kindly go through my script and mark it again, please

  35. Please If I say I am satisfied with the results I had, then it’s a lie. The results I had was not encouraging at all. What happened this year?

  36. Good day,
    I am Ansah Yaw Frederick. From Eastern Region. I attended Ignis School in Nsawam.
    Honestly, I would also want my ICT and RME papers remarked but, I don’t see the use in it. The examiners who were chosen to mark were chosen for a reason, they know the level of students and they gave us the grades that our marks deserved. They were chosen because they are trusted and know how to do their work, it took them approximately three months to mark over 100,000 students’ papers in this country and after all this, you want to send your papers back to them just for your grades to be changed and sent higher. They sacrificed their time to mark these papers and we should be grateful for that, instead of asking for the remarking of our papers we should be thanking them for the time and effort they spent on our papers.
    I want to thank all the examiners who took part in this marking process for their sacrifices and devotion.
    We never thank the examiners we always condemn them, but today, I would want to thank every single examiner who took part in this process and I ask for God’s protection and guidance over all of you.
    I didn’t get the results I was supposed to get but I’m still grateful for the time and effort which was used in marking my papers.

  37. Oh dear, I thought it was actually only me…i dont understand anything about our result..they should do something about it because it is very heartbreaking and our parent are not understanding us. WAEC please we beg you to do something

  38. Please we did…we gave all we had…I mean what answers again were they expecting from us..what answers again please tell me. I wasn’t expecting anything like the grade I had because everything I did was on point. I mean the rules and my answers so why what happened

  39. I just wanted to know why the marking scheme was upgraded but we were not informed prior to the bece so that we will know how prepared we were. Thank I just wanted to know why the marking scheme was upgraded but we were not informed prior to the bece so that we will know how prepared we were.

  40. Hi am Nana Ama Kyeiwaa Ahenkorah an old student of Maria Montessori Santasi Kumasi I am highly dissatisfied with my results and I plead to WAEC to kindly go through my script again and if the possible remark

  41. WAEC please remark our scripts I am not satisfied with my grade, please.An old student of Maria Montessori School Santasi Kumasi

  42. Hi, you should have been prepared for everything. You don’t need to be told that to be more serious.

  43. My fellow candidates, this is not a remarking issue it’s about the grading system this year. We have no idea why WAEC upgraded the grading system to 90-100 A1. Due to this, we didn’t perform well at all. WAEC we need you to use the previous grading system!!!!Please. We deserve more than this, WAEC!! Please change the grading system. I’m Owusu-Ansah Kofi Appiah from Montessori.

  44. Hello good morning to the honourable WAEC officials, My name is Asa Kennedy from Sanzule Krisan D/A JHS at Nzema East, western region of Ghana, please I want my remarking on my science, ICT, and social studies please I’m not satisfied with my results please I will be waiting patiently to hear the good news

  45. Our results that you have been giving we will not accept it so have to remark it or change it for us if not God will punish you

  46. I would like to inform you to please remark the script, again and again, please because we literally wrote our best out and now the results are not given us our hard work. Please remark for us.

  47. Please we did our best but the result is not giving us any hope for furthering our education, so please and please we need remark

  48. Please and please I would like if you remark our script. Because we put in a lot of effort to write the bece but now the results don’t show what I wrote. Please I plead on the behalf of myself and my colleagues. I’m Christopher.

  49. To be honest with you, I actually don’t expect the kind of results I had after the release. It is gone far worse than my expectation. I will be happy if my script can be reviewed. I’m Akankpegli Benson A. Kwame as registered.

  50. To be honest, I know I was given the wrong results. I know how well I wrote and what they have given is nothing compared to the grades I was expecting to have. So now all my sufferings and sleepless night have been in vain. My scripts need to be remarked immediately cuz this educational system is corrupt!

  51. I was not satisfied with my result so please WAEC I want my script to be remark are index numbers are 0103602053 and my sister 0103602043 please do something about it for us, please

  52. Please I kindly beg of you to please give me back my results because I believe some of us our results were interchanged
    If possible please remark mine Because I, together with my other colleagues in other schools did not get our satisfactory grades

  53. WAEC please I beg this b.e.c.e is my life so please mark or check my script again because that results I received was not mine I know I wrote what is right

  54. I haven’t been myself close to a week now after the results were released I know my capabilities, I know what I wrote, so I have had high hopes towards my BECE grades only for it to be released with different expectations altogether. Please my humble plead is that our script should be remarked because a majority of us are not satisfied with our results.

  55. I’m not sure of my results, what I did and what I plan to get it’s not what I got, so please we will be happy for the remarking of our script.
    You should have waited to do it well before the release.

  56. Please my problem is on the English language, precisely on the debate question. Majority of students who answered that question got low marks, especially in my school. We were well versed and prepared for that question in fact I could say we did very well in writing debates in our mocks but when the results came we were marked down. This is insane.

  57. Please I beg your pardon to remark my script because what I had wasn’t what I vehemently worked for. It really hurts when all your hard work s be in vain.

  58. Please I beg your pardon to remark my script because what I had wasn’t what I vehemently worked for. It really hurts when all your hard work s be in vain.I surely know my capabilities.

  59. My name is Stephen Omari from kasoa Zion school jhs,I have shed a lot of tears because when I checked results it was really insane how can a best student get averages and low in score what really drives me insane is that In R.ME I got 7

  60. I beg his Excellency to let examiners go over and mark the script again because I wrote with care and hope and now my life is miserable because of fante and me, but I beg NANA in the mighty name of God because am going to if the in the next month I heard nothing about the the script

  61. This year, the grading system was too high, in the previous years 80-100 was 1 but now they change it to 90-100. Most of the bece graduate don’t know much about the new grading system so they think the examiners didn’t mark the script well.

  62. I am not really pleased with my scripts please can u kindly go through again maybe .it was due to rush and pressure

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