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10 Most Expensive International Schools in Kenya

In our previous post, we talked about the 10 most expensive international schools in South Africa. In this post, we will take a look at the 10 most expensive international schools in Kenya.


The most expensive schools come at a cost due to it quality of education, facilities, and even the courses they take. Bear in mind, all of the international schools offer international programs. We have put together a list of the 10 most expensive international schools below:

International School of Kenya (ISK)

It’s a non-profit school that was established by the US and Canadian governments. It has students from over 60 countries with a student body count of about 1000. It offers North American accredited diploma programs. The tuition fee ranges between $16,974 for kindergarten kids and $32,543 for Grades 11 and 12 with new students paying an admission fee of $400 and a one-time capital levy fee of $10,000.

Greensteds International School

It’s a private school that offers a British curriculum for students. Students joining the playgroup level will pay a fee of KShs 49,500. In the first and second years, students pay a whopping KShs 131,000, while boarders who join at the same level pay KShs 401,500. Grade 12 and 13 boarding students pay KShs 848,000 per term. The boarding fee is inclusive of accommodation, meals, and tuition.

St Andrews Turi

Nursery school children pay KShs 171,000 per term, while Grade one and two boarding students pay KShs 650,000. In addition, students pay a 50% deposit of term one’s boarding fees, which is refundable upon leaving. The school also offers a 5% discount on basic costs for second and subsequent children.

Brookhouse School

Brookhouse students pay an admission fee of approximately KShs 45,000. In addition, the tuition fee is around KShs 860,000 per term. It was founded in 1981.

Peponi School

For admission at Peponi, full boarders pay KShs 1,115,180 while weekly borders pay 1,053,175. Day students pay KShs 731,510. There are extra charges for activities like music and any exams related to the same. Parents also pay a refundable caution deposit upon admission.

Hillcrest International School

For admission to the preparatory school, parents pay a tuition fee of KShs 645,900 while the early years students spend an estimated KShs 330,450. There are also transport charges and a caution deposit fee upon admission.

Braeburn Imani International School

Braeburn Imani school is a co-educational international school in Nairobi, Kenya. It is located on Mang’u Road (Exit 16A off Thika Highway) and is an affiliate member of the Braeburn group of schools. Braeburn school fee costs roughly KShs 189,600 for the playgroup category. In addition, Grade 13 students pay a basic fee of over KShs 1.2 million. Other charges include meals, transport, and boarding fees.

Gems Cambridge International School

GEMS School is located in Karen and operates under the umbrella of GEMS Education. GEMS International School students pay approximately KShs 551,204 at the pre-kindergarten level, while Grade 13 students pay Ksh​​ 1,640,343.46. In addition, the weekly boarding fee for Grade 13 pupils is Ksh​​ 547,554.

The Banda School

Students in the early years category pay between KShs 225,000 and KShs 280,000. They have different categories of students, some of whom only attend school in the mornings. According to the school’s website, Year one to eight students pay between KShs 380,000 and KShs 645,000 per term.

Kenton College Preparatory School

Students pay approximately KShs 675,918 per term.

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