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SNHU Brightspace, How To Access MySNHU Brightspace

SNHU Brightspace is the online learning management system that is being used by Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). This Brightspace learning platform can only be accessed by students who have already enrolled in a course. However, before you can gain access to SNHU Brightspace, you would first need to login into mySNHU. So, we would first look at how you can log in to mySNHU before.

  • How to login to mySNHU


Please follow the steps below to login to mySNHU

  1. Open your browser and visit my.snhu.edu.
  2. Now, input your email SNHU email address or your username
  3. Enter your password next and then click on ‘submit’
  4. MySNHU student portal will now be open to you

Please note that your username needs to end in @snhu.edu. Not being able to log in may need that your password needs to be reset. This can be done by using the password reset tool. You can locate this password reset tool through a link that can be found on the mySNHU login page just under the ‘submit’ button.

  • MySNHU Brightspace

So now that you have been able to open the mySNHU portal, you can now gain access to SNHU Brightspace. Let us look at how you can do that.

  1. Open your mySNHU account
  2. You can click on either the ‘Brightspace’ link or the ‘my course, access your course’ image. This can be found under ‘applications’

Please make sure to report any broken link you come across to your teacher or professor as soon as you can so that they can be aware of it and take the necessary actions to fix it. This is very important. So that is how you can gain access to SNHU Brightspace. Remember that you must be a student who has already enrolled in a course in the school before you can access it.

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