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VA Portal: Valencia Atlas Student Portal guide

Valencia Atlas is a cloud-based learning management System for current undergraduate and Postgraduate students and Course instructors at the Valencia Atlas Canvas  to get access to course information, lecture slides, Course Announcements, and Student grades score.

Features of Valencia Atlas Canvas


The Valencia Atlas Canvas  is loaded with the following Academic resources to make access to online education easier and hustle-free.

  •  Course Content /Course Material
  • Grading Score 
  • Assignment Submission
  • Join Discussion Forums
  • Online Quizzes/Test
  • Push notifications on Release of Course grades and New course materials
  • Access course schedule
  •  contact Course instructors.
  • Profile Checking

How to Log into Valencia Atlas Canvas Lms

Learn how to submit assignments in Valencia Atlas Canvas with the resources below

  • Launch your internet browser of choice
  • In your browser, Go to the Valencia Atlas Canvas at atlas.valenciacollege.edu.
  • You will be directed to the Valencia Atlas Canvas login screen
  • Click on the Login button
  • Enter your Student username
  • Enter Password
  • Click on the Sign in button to get access to the University of Florida Canvas.

How to see my grades in Valencia Atlas Canvas

  • In your browser, Go to the Valencia Atlas Canvas the URL Shared above
  • Enter your Student number and network password to log in
  • At the canvas course site, Click on the Course Navigation link.
  • Select Grades from the Course Navigation link Menu
  • Select the Specific course you want to see the grades on
  • Your grades will be shown

How to submit Assignments on Valencia Atlas Canvas

Follow the steps below to submit your assignments or tests to the Valencia Atlas Canvas Dashboard.

Follow the assignment instructions as specified by the course instructor.

  • Log into the canvas course site with your student credentials
  • At the canvas course site, Click on the Course Navigation link.
  • Click on the Assignment Link or modules page link from the Navigation Tab
  • Press the name of the assignments
  • The next page will display the assignment information such as Assignment submission due date, Number of Attempts allowed, File types for submission [Word, PDF and Video] and Guidelines for submission.
  • Click on the Start Assignment Button to begin assignment submission
  • Click on the File Upload button
  • Select the file from your computer or Phone from the pop window
  • Click on the Submit button to submit your assignment 
  • Congratulations your assignment has been submitted


We hope this article has assisted you in using your phone or laptop to log into the Valencia Atlas Canvas and perform academic functions such as assignment submission and participation in Groups and discussions.

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